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Weight LossWeight Loss & Weight Optimization

Optimized health and longevity requires an understanding of the interconnection between nutrition, physical fitness, metabolic and hormonal optimization, as well as training the mind to support weight-loss goals. Our integrative approach to weight loss sets goals for our patients based on weight optimization, which is more than just a number on the scale.

Many of the leading causes of death in America (heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer) can be directly linked to poor nutritional choices. But even those with the healthiest nutrition plans need to supplement their diets with the proper intake of neutraceuticals, combined with physical fitness activity, and understanding the role hormones play in weight loss and optimization.

At Infinite Health, our 6 Pillars Approach to weight loss has led hundreds of people to losing the weight they’ve longed to lose for decades but were unable to despite having tried “every diet and diet pill under the sun,” Many of our successful patient-partners also report having a significant increase in energy and an overall improved satisfaction with their life.

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