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Exosomes Stem Cell TherapyWhen it comes to regenerative medicine, using stem cell exosomes is a growing regenerative medicine practice. Exosomes stem cell therapy is an innovative cell therapy which encourages the body’s natural regenerative healing response. ExoFlo is a viable non-surgical option for patients to ease inflammation and who suffer from non-healing wounds. 

What are exosomes? 

In fact, exosomes are not cells, but micro-vessels. This means that they are 1/1,000 of the size of a normal sized cell. Exosomes are harvested from bone marrow stem cells. Exosomes also do not contain DNA, mitochondria, or a Golgi Apparatus. 

How does stem cell exosome therapy work? 

Exosomes are considered the purest form of cellular therapy. Exosomes specialize in cell to cell communication. By implanting new exosomes, exosomes trigger the body’s regenerative cell response. This means that body is told to repair tissue and other wounds. Exosomes help realign the body’s natural response to trauma and pain by encourage cell reparation to happen quickly. In addition, no stem cells 

Exosomes Stem Cell Therapy also decreases inflammation, which is a common side effect in stem cell therapy. This is a result of the high level of growth factor proteins found in exosome. 

What can ExoFlo treat? 

ExoFlo can treat inflammation, soft tissue injuries, aesthetic applications, chronic non-healing wounds and repetitive motion injuries. 

What is the procedure like? 

The ExoFlo procedure is non-invasive. Most patients immediately return to their normal daily routines. It is recommended that strenuous exercise is avoided immediately following the procedure. Your physician will equip you the appropriate post-procedure protocol and follow-ups.  

How long is treatment?  

It takes approximately four weeks for patients to see results from their exosome therapy treatments. Though, many patients who already experience pain, inflammation, and suffer from degenerative diseases see improvement after one single treatment. 

All bodies are different, so it’s important for patients to consulate their doctors to determine is ExoFlo is the right treatment for them.