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Empowered Medicine Book


By Trip Goolsby, MD and LeNae Goolsby, JD

Empowered Medicine is medical motivational mindfulness. This book is written as a guideline to transformation for all those who may (or may not) recognize the role they can have in creating the health they truly desire, regardless of the health that they currently have.
Reading and using the exercises provided in this book will usher in enhanced abilities to focus on desired outcomes and the means to attain them. It will be a means by which we may all be empowered to not only achieve the health we desire but to activate our imaginations and beliefs to manifest the environment and trappings of that successful health image. It is an important affirmative, mindful, complementary step in the direction of self-realized health, healing, and well-being, harnessing empowered awareness to acquire the long-lasting quality of life and the healing of illness we all deserve.
Empowered Medicine is for those who are sick of being sick, who are ready to take their healthcare and their personal power back and to a level not previously perceived or experienced in the current mass production reactive medical model. Using a highly successful platform, Empowered Medicine provides the transformational mindfulness that it takes to push past previously held limiting perceptions of health and fitness in order to truly step into optimized health and longevity.

  • Template for your ultimate health.” – “If you are serious about your health, your looks and/or your outlook, I highly recommend this book. It offers a holistic template for your ultimate health…mind, body and spirit. You emerge with a clarity of your role and responsibility in your present reality; not only for your health, but for all aspects of your life.” – Sheila Sparacio
  • Combines physical health, mental health, and wellness for overall life improvement.” – “This book is about health, wellness, and living in a way that unlocks the best possible version of yourself. The methodology uses a combination of practical physical health changes, mental health restructuring, and a heavy emphasis on visualization to give the reader the tools needed to access an ideal health state.The book’s methodology is broken up in easy to digest chapters. These chapters build on each other to give an overall picture which opens the reader to a new avenue to tackle not only their health and wellness but also their life as a whole.The authors Trip and LeNae Goolsby have laced personal stories of patient triumphs and additive exercises throughout the book. The patient stories make it easier to see the connection between the methodologies and success. The tools provide easy frameworks for practically applying each chapters’ message in day to day life.Trip Goolsby is a practicing doctor of internal medicine with a thriving practice situated in both Lake Charles, LA and New Orleans, LA.I have been applying the book’s principles in my day to day life for 3 months now. I’ve seen a dramatic increase in my quality of life. I’ve reduced the number of medications I’m taking, increased my physical abilities, and my outlook on life is dramatically better than it was before starting.” – Sean Wright O’Hara
  • “Changed My Life Completely” “Dr. Goolsby and his outlook in this book has brought light on every aspect of life and has changed me more than he will ever know! I would not be where I am right now or where I am at in life for that matter, this is REAL medicine and health! I am so thankful that somehow I was guided in this direction and thanks to him and the tools I have been provided with I now KNOW It all makes perfect sense! I would highly recommend to any and everyone seeking health, fortune and a GOOD life!!!” – Brai Vincent

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