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Empower Your LifeDo You Want to Feel Empowered in Your Life? 

Do You Desire Confidence, Strength, and Knowing ? 

It is Yours for the Asking. 

Allow these Stories and Lessons to Light Your Way. 

Empowerment doesn’t have to be elusive. If you re not feeling empowered, it s because you have forgotten the true power that you possess. In fact, this power is your birthright. Empowerment is not bestowed upon a select few It belongs to you, the co-authors of this book, and to all beings on our planet. We sometimes forget that we are spiritual beings above all else and that we are worthy and deserving of great good, and so we give away our power by listening to the voice of others above our own. This doesn’t have to be your experience.

Empower Your Life contains stories of twenty-one incredible women who have navigated their way through significant, and sometimes life-altering transformations. These women have stumbled along the way, and then decided to face their demons and challenges with humor, grace, and conscious intention. They choose to share their stories to ease your personal journey and to provide motivation, guidance, and inspiration so you can make the empowering changes you envision for your own life. As you read these stories and allow yourself to feel blessed and grateful, you will more readily access and know your own innate personal power.

Discover Empowerment through these Lessons and Stories: 

Discover techniques to relieve stress, tension, and overwhelm
Heal your body through mind-body-spirit modalities
Use truth as a guide for business, personal, and spiritual growth
Step out of your job and into entrepreneurial freedom
Release the past so you can move forward with ease
How to listen to the voice of your spirit
Tap into your passion and live your life on purpose
Gracefully manage divorce, break-ups, loss, and abandonment
Experience total freedom regardless of your circumstances
Recognize that some hardships can lead to great joy

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