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Depression Doctor Lake Charles, LA

Depression Doctor in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Depression Doctor Lake Charles, LAYou don’t have to manage your depression alone – reach out to a depression doctor Lake Charles, LA, residents recommend, today. You’ve heard of depression before, and chances are, you’ve experienced it. And if you’ve struggled with it – and are still struggling with it – you know that depression is more than just “feeling down”. Depression is struggling to get up in the morning, staying in or doing nothing all day, and being crushed by an overall feeling that life just isn’t worth living.

There are many ways that depression can manifest itself. Maybe you’re finding it harder to get out of bed each day, or you’re feeling like you have no energy. You might have a lack of interest in the things you used to be passionate about, and each day can feel like a battle. These are all signs of a greater problem, and it’s a major issue for many Americans.

More than 15 million adults in the United States struggle with depression. And that means 15 million adults who are struggling to face each day. Although many will keep fighting with it, you don’t have to be another statistic. Finding help is more important than ever, especially when you consider the impact depression has on your health.

The extremes of depression:

When depression reaches a critical peak, it can put you out of commission for weeks, months, and even years. Those with severe depression might feel like they have no hope left, and sometimes they take drastic action to escape their suffering: drug abuse, self-harm, and in extreme cases, suicide.

Aside from the mental impact of depression, you could be struggling with more physical symptoms. It can affect the entire body: you might be experiencing a lack of sleep or a lack of appetite. Depending on how your depression affects you, you might also experience weight gain or loss.

If you’re fighting depression, don’t lose hope. It might feel like there’s no way out, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: an experienced depression doctor in Lake Charles, LA, can help.

How can a doctor help with depression?

When you speak to a doctor about depression, they can help you rule out other health issues. Sometimes what we think is depression is actually a symptom of other health problems, such as anemia or low blood sugar. Additionally, a mental health professional can help talk you through your problems with depression.

Doctors and mental health professionals who assist with depression can be incredibly useful, especially if you feel like you’ve run out of options. But there is more to a battle with depression than simply prescribing pharmaceuticals to help hide the pain. That’s why at Infinite Health Integrative Medical Center, we provide extra care to help you adjust and manage your depression.

The Infinite Health Approach:

At Infinite Health, we’re committed to helping you overcome your depression. To us, this means working closely with you to develop a personalized plan, and pursuing a whole-body approach to help you get to the root of your depression issues. This also means prescribing drugs as a last resort – we’d rather see you get genuinely better, instead of just numb.

Each case of depression is different, and since 2013 Infinite Health has been dedicated to ensuring out patient-partners get the personalized depression care they deserve. Depression can feel like a losing battle, but we can help you overcome.

If you or someone you know is battling depression, don’t hesitate to get help. Contact Infinite Health Integrative Medical Center, and get personalized care from a depression doctor in Lake Charles, Louisiana.