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Integrative Medicine Lake Charles

Are you looking for a medical practice that knows you’re a complex individual and not simply a number on a chart? As a leading provider of integrative medicine in Lake Charles, Infinite Health is committed to seeing you as the whole person you are. We combine traditional and peer-reviewed and evidence-based complementary therapies to achieve health optimization and longevity.

The Leading Integrative Medicine Practice in Lake Charles, LA

Located in the Lake Charles’ premier Walnut Grove Development, our Lake Charles office is southwest Louisiana’s leading provider of true integrative medical services. Visit us in Suite 2 at 2002 West Walnut Street, which is south of West Sallier Street near the calming waters of scenic Lake Charles. In partnership with our Metairie location, our services are accessible to residents throughout southern Louisiana.

Infinite Health: Headquarters of Integrative Medicine in Lake Charles

A practice committed to patient-centric care, we offer integrative medicine in Lake Charles that delivers precise treatments that help heal your mind, body and soul. Southwest Louisiana entrusts their health to us because we bring a unique mixture of knowledge and caring to each encounter. A few reasons we’ve become the leading integrative medicine provider in Lake Charles are:

  • We are dedicated to your long-term health. You may come to us for a single issue, but we focus on your short and long-term health optimization goals so that you can enjoy the best possible quality of life.
  • We make ourselves available. We believe that effective holistic therapies should be offered in a convenient, accessible setting. That’s why we have two locations, one in Lake Charles and one in Metairie, to serve you.
  • We use a team approach to integrative medicine. Our executive leadership team combines years of board-certified internal medicine, oncology and life coaching experience to bring to the practice every day. We’re committed to hand-selecting staff that displays compassion and expertise at every encounter.
  • We can successfully treat a variety of conditions. From obesity and fibromyalgia to low testosterone and fertility problems, medical conditions can affect every aspect of your life. We recommend proven solutions that help you overcome barriers and reach your goals.

Integrative Treatment in Lake Charles

Reduce symptoms of illness, rebalance your body and reshape your thinking with integrative medicine in Lake Charles. Our holistic approach to health optimization and longevity combines traditional and peer-reviewed and evidence- based complementary treatment techniques designed to improve how you feel from the inside out. Some of our recommended complementary  techniques may include:

We also believe that traditional medicine has value, which is why we develop precision-focused treatment plans tailored to our patient-partners that encompass effective techniques, including nutritional and physical fitness counseling, metabolic and hormonal optimization, and our empowered motivational mindfulness program. Among other conditions, we can help alleviate and treat the following:

If you or a loved one is struggling with physical and mental health issues, let us know. We will work with you to find a solution that offers long-term relief.

Book Your Initial Consultation

At Infinite Health, we work with you as a partner in your health to develop a precision-based individualized program designed to help you achieve your optimized health goals. Schedule your initial consultation to discuss integrative medicine in Lake Charles. Simply call us at 337-312-8234 or request an appointment online.