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Nurse Practitioner

Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center – Lake Charles & New Orleans, LA
Salary: DOE


Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center is a leader in elite integrative medicine with an niche focus on health optimization, longevity and regenerative medicines. 

Integrative medicine is an approach to care that places the patient in a partnership with the healthcare provider and addresses health issues from a full range of factors that affect health, including genetic, social, environmental, nutritional, mental, emotional, etc. via peer-reviewed and evidence-based modalities. Infinite Health’s focus is to provide optimized health outcomes via Trip Goolsby, MD’s proprietary – Six Pillar Approach to health optimization.


  • Certification or background in internal or integrative/functional medicine, and/or holistic approaches, preferred. Out-patient service setting required.
  • Must have dietary and nutrition-related knowledge.
  • Must be willing to learn peer-reviewed and evidence-based complimentary therapies, as well as Dr. Goolsby’s “Empowered Medicine” Motivational Mindfulness program and able to implement.
  • Past work experience with vitamins, minerals and amino acids strongly preferred (supplement uses and drug interactions).
  • Must have excellent professional references and credentials.
  • Must possess leadership qualities, effective communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Must be licensed to practice in Louisiana.
  • Equity interest preferred.


  • Provide integrative medical care including patient consultation and recommendations for dietary changes, supplementation, healthy lifestyle counseling, stress reduction techniques, and other approaches as directed by physician.
  • Function as an integral team member working alongside our Trip Goolsby, MD and support team to provide elite high-touch patient-centric health optimization services to our patients.
  • In-depth patient history taking, physical examination, pre-screening for hormonal imbalances, andropause, menopause/peri-menopause, high cholesterol, thyroid dysfunction, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, fertility issues, PMS, high cortisol, anxiety/depression, candida yeast overgrowth, nutritional deficiencies/overloads, methylation disorders, pyroluria, digestive disorders, food allergies/sensitivities, weight management, etc.
  • Ordering and interpreting laboratory and other diagnostic tests.
  • Initiating new treatment, adjusting or continuing previous medication/treatment regimens, in consultation with Dr. Goolsby, as appropriate.
  • Documenting patient care including progress reports and relevant health records/changes into our computerized patient system.
  • Communicating patient status and health concerns with our physician, referring physicians, social workers, and other health care professionals.
  • Learning & imparting Trip Goolsby, MD’s proprietary mind-body coaching program to patient-partners.


Please kindly provide all of the following requested information in your email along with your cover letter/CV with  salary history and…

  • Please list your Board Certification(s)
  • Medical Licensure – Are you licensed to practice in Louisiana?
  • Experience in integrative medicine, bio-identical hormones, regenerative medicines, and supplements? Y/N
  • If not, please express your interest/desire to learn.
  • Preference/availability for part-time/full-time work hours? Please list specific hours/days.
  • How do you define health care? Please share an example of how you demonstrated leadership and ability to increase the health and wellbeing of a patient?
Please send resumes to our practice administrator:

Medical Assistants

This part time position is for the highly motivated, high energy individual who understands teamwork. We aim to create a positive environment for our patients and staff, so great attitude is key.

Please send resumes to our practice administrator:

Partnership Opportunities

Infinite Health is always looking for partnership opportunities for the practice. If you are in a complimentary health field such as massage therapy, yoga, physical therapy etc., we would love to learn more about your practice!

Please reach out to our Director of Marketing, Laura at