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Before You Have Knee Surgery, Read This First <span><br><small>Trip Goolsby, MD</small></span>

Before You Have Knee Surgery, Read This First
Trip Goolsby, MD

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Earlier this week, one of our married couple patient-partners came into Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center for their respective follow-up appointments – let’s call them Ann and Ben.

Ann is 68 years old and her husband Ben is 78 years old.  Together they work their large and profitable family farm that includes, among other things, cows, pigs, ostriches, and even peacocks.  The latter, as I understand it, people purchase to have as pets, or living lawn ornaments?

About three years ago, Ann underwent a total knee replacement in one of her knees. She had a protracted recovery due to complications relating to the operation, and ultimately was left with debilitating pain and degenerative arthritis. When she began to have pain in her other knee, she was no longer able to walk up the three steps to home without succumbing to excruciating pain; needless she was also no longer to help Ben out on the farm.

Unwilling to settle for a life that includes this level of pain, and now wise to the risks of surgery, Ann sought the regenerative medicine options available at Infinite Health. Here, Ann received three courses of Interventional Regenerative Orthopedic Medical (IROM) therapy (prolotherapy with PRP (platelet rich plasma)).

IROM procedures are nonsurgical treatments that stimulates the body’s natural healing process. By injecting small amounts of regenerative solutions, such as platelet rich plasma, to the site of concern, the body’s natural healing abilities are signaled to focus on repairing the specific area of concern.

Six weeks after her first course, Ann was already back to work, completing her farm chores, and climbing the vertical ladder in their barn. Her knee pain was completely resolved a couple of weeks after her second treatment course at three months.

Both Ann and Ben are enrolled in Infinite Health’s Empowered Medicine Health Optimization Program, which includes our Four Pillars Approach to living healthier, longer.  At the same time, however, both were suffering tremendously from debilitating pain.

After seeing Ann’s results, Ben, the reluctant farmer, agreed to come into Infinite Health to be evaluated for his chronic back pain, which had also progressively limited his ability to take care of the larger farm stock.  As the pain progressed he became virtually confined to his sofa.

Ben enrolled in Infinite Health’s Empowered Medicine Health Optimization Program, which incorporates our Four Pillars Approach to care, and one month later he also received PRP.

Two to three weeks after his first course of PRP, Ben had a 60% reduction in pain.  At eight weeks after his first course, Ben’s pain was virtually resolved, despite having gone back to working the farm as usual, including carrying around 50 pound bags of feed and bails of hay.

Ann and Ben are so excited about their pain healing experience they have already sent two of their friends with comparable pain issues to Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center.

Surgery is not the only solution for knee pain.  As we saw with Ann, it was not a solution at all, but rather exacerbated her condition from bad to worse.  Regenerative medicine modalities, such as prolotherapy with PRP, are significantly less risky, less invasive, less expensive and are proving to be more beneficial.

If someone you love, or if you are suffering from chronic pain, contact Infinite Health at 504-323-0025 or 337-312-8234 this week to reserve your initial consultation and find out if you qualify for our regenerative medicine pain-healing program. 

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