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How to Achieve Optimal Health and Longevity

How to Achieve Optimal Health and Longevity

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As aging sets in, it’s only natural to feel pressure to feel young and healthy forever. Maybe you’re starting to feel aches and pains in the joints, or are seeing signs of wrinkles on your forehead or around your eyes. Facing the realities of life is never easy, and many people begin to feel frustrated or lost as these changes occur.

While getting older is certainly a reality of life, you don’t have to let the passage of time hold you back. These tips for optimal health and longevity can help you make the most of life – today, tomorrow, and for years to come.


Exercise is a critical part of looking and feeling your best. In fact, those who don’t exercise are at risk of earlier death by more than 20%. Scientists recommend at least 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise, with best results seen in those who work out for 450 minutes each week, or around one hour a day. Exercise is a very personal endeavor, and what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. If the gym isn’t right for you, consider other activities, like kickboxing, yoga, or barre. The right exercise is the one that helps you create healthy habits.


Sleep energizes the body, providing you with the endurance you need to make it through the day. Those who sleep enough – 7 to 8 hours is recommended for adults – get sick less often, have a reduced risk of conditions like diabetes, experience reduced stress, and are more likely to stay at a healthy weight. To encourage better sleep, turn off screens at least an hour before bed, keep your bedroom dark and cool, and consider using a white noise machine or fan.


Diet is a large part of overall wellness, and the foods you eat can truly make a difference. While it’s true that weight loss can be accomplished with virtually any foods, so long as they are consumed in moderation, the right balance of vitamins and minerals can make a difference in overall health. A good diet should include plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats.


Your skin is a reflection of who you are on the inside, so take care of it! Improper skin care can result in looking older than your age, leaving you with wrinkles, crows feet, and crepe-like skin you could have otherwise avoided. With injectibles and skin treatments like platelet-rich plasma, it’s possible to keep your skin looking young and vibrant – no matter how old you actually are.

Health-Focused Treatments

Taking care of your body from the inside out is key to achieving your optimal health, and longevity-based medicine can make a difference in targeting both problem areas and places of strength. At Infinity Health, we specialize in anti-aging medicine, helping you to overcome the pressures of time to feel at your best throughout your entire life. We realize that both wellness and aging are completely unique to each individual, which is why we personalize a plan for each and every one of our patients. Depending on your unique needs, your treatment plan may include opportunities like:

Getting older is never easy, but there are steps you can take to promote optimal health. By focusing on things like better sleep, a cleaner diet, more exercise, and treatments designed to improve longevity and enhance overall health, you can enjoy every step of your journey through life. Please contact Infinite Health today to learn more about our longevity treatments.