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Anxiety Doctor Metairie, LA Anxiety Doctor Metairie, LA

An anxiety doctor Metairie, LA patients can depend on from Infinite Health Integrative Medical Center understands how anxiety can impact a person’s life. Everyone experiences anxiety here and there in life, but when it becomes a daily occurrence that interferes with your health, then it’s time to get help from a doctor. We cannot underestimate the impacts anxiety has on our physical body and mental health. Anxiety is one of the leading mental health conditions out there, and no one should feel ashamed for seeking help.

If you are having trouble managing anxiety, do not wait. We encourage you to contact Infinite Health Integrative Medical Center today, to learn more about how what we offer can help you manage or overcome your anxiety.

Types of Anxiety Conditions
Anxiety can take on several forms, which means that how your anxiety shows itself may be different from someone else. Anxiety can make us feel exhausted, since adrenaline may be coursing through our body for an extended period of time. We may ruminate about the past, and worry about the future to come. Here we have described the various types of anxiety conditions:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

When someone has consistent fear or worry, this may be categorized as generalized anxiety disorder. Those with this condition may have a number of concerns related to their health, finances, or something bad that they believe is going to happen. 


Phobias are severe fears about specific objects or situations that are intrusive or distressing. Examples of fears could be flying on airplanes, spiders, snakes, heights, being alone, swimming, crowded spaces, and so much more. A Lousiana anxiety doctor in Metairie knows that managing phobias can be immensely distressing. There is no shame in having such a fear, and there are compassionate professionals who can be a guiding light.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Another term for social anxiety disorder is social phobia. People with this disorder worry about embarassment or judgement in social situations. They may be nervous in social environments, and have a deep concern about offending or being rejected by others. 

Panic Disorder

This disorder is marked by panic attacks that are recurrent, and entail symptoms such as shortness of breath, pounding heart, feeling of choking, rapid heart read, intense feelings of dread, trembling, and sweating. The attacks can come on suddenly, with or without warning. It isn’t uncommon for people to then worry about when the next panic episode will occur.

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